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Today, the company Karl Otto Knauf (GmbH + Co. KG) is a middle-sized company in the woodworking industry. We have 120 employees at our headquarters in Stockelsdorf. Our line of business involves producing ice cream sticks and ice cream spoons from natural materials. We manufacture our ice cream sticks and spoons exclusively from beech wood. Optimised machines and facilities which are constantly being developed, provide the basis for our production facilities. The technology for these machines and facilities is developed by ourselves, here at Knauf.

The quality of our TIP-TOP ice cream sticks is known and recognised globally. This is shown also through our high export figures.
This quality pays dividends: we can count ourselves amongst the leading companies in Europe.


The company was founded by Karl Otto Knauf in 1951. During the post-war period, the majority of products for everyday use were manufactured. These were, at that time, still often made from wood, such as clothes pegs. At the end of the 1950s, there was an increasing need for the manufacture of ice cream sticks. These sticks were punched from peeled veneer. In addition to the ice cream sticks and ice cream spoons which we still manufacture to this day, tongue depressors were also produced for medical use. From these beginnings, a modern production site for the industrial manufacture of ice cream sticks and tongue depressors was planned and built in 1975, outside of Lübeck, specially designed to meet the needs of the company.The manufacturing process and necessary machinery were designed and developed by Mr. Knauf and his technical team. Essential facilities were modernised and, in parts, completely replaced, at the turn of the millennium. A thermal power station provides the heat required for the production of the sticks, as well as electricity. The only source of energy that is used, is the residual materials from the manufacturing process.

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