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Why beechwood?

Sustainability and environmental compatibility are maxims of our business. Raw wood is becoming more popular. From the beginning we have preferred natural beechwood as our raw material, as it combines the advantages of versatility in its use for ice cream sticks with a high level of environmental compatibility post production. Furthermore, with our production process, ice cream sticks made from beech can be produced in a very environmentally friendly manner, saving energy. This means profitability and reduced resources. Thus, the residual materials from the production process are used to generate the heat required for the whole process.

When purchasing our raw materials, we are mindful of their origin. The beechwood used by Knauf comes exclusively from sustainable forestry and is acquired only in line with forest management of a natural forest. For us, sustainability means acting in the best interest of coming generations. The preservation of the ecological, social and economic functions of forests is ensured by a chain of custody certification. On request, we can deliver FSC and PEFC certified products.

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