Production Willkommen bei Knauf
Knauf employees inspecting the wood in the forest

To ensure that only suitable beech trunks are used for the production of our ice cream sticks, the felled wood is inspected on site in the forest.

Why beech wood?

A saw cuts the wood into “manageable” sizes
The sawmill is the third station in our production.
Compressed wood going through peeling machine

Peeled beech wood veneer. The wood is checked before the next stage.

Sticks on the way to polishing

The punched and dried sticks then move to the polishing drums to be polished for a further finish.

Testing area for better quality

At a frequency of every half an hour, various aspects of sticks from all production lines are checked, in order to verify the quality, as well as the successful functioning of the whole process. Quality is our top priority.

A forklift lifts pallets loaded with sticks

The items that have been placed on pallets on the production line are wrapped up before storage, and kept until delivery.

A code on a box for internal tracking

Additionally, each boxes can also be identified.

Wood inspection
Peeling machine
Heat branding
Wet storage site - the wood is watered whilst in storage

Proper storage of the beech wood to avoid anything that may damage its quality.

Pieces of wood on transportation racks

Transportation racks on the way to the steam chamber. The steaming process represents an essential, quality influencing element in the production of a good and crack-free veneer.

The punching machine makes ice cream sticks from the wood veneer

Before the punching process, the wood is automatically tested for surface imperfections, cracks, and the correct veneer strength.

Sticks ready for heat branding

After a 100% final check through an automatic sorting system, which can detect shape defects to a tenth of a millimetre, as well as cracks, the sticks are packed loose - but properly organised - into a transport container or box. Alternatively, the sticks can be wrapped in paper bands in packs of 50.

Sticks entering the heat brander

All our sticks can be given an individual heat brand or, alternatively, a unique competition code, at the request of the customer.

EUR-pallets with labels

As a means of identification, all pallets receive a clear label - SSCC (serial shipping container code).

Various ice cream sticks from our range.